Mark Wahlberg - What? No!

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #84 - 28th May 2012Exquisite ActingFeatured on HBO

What? No!

'Nuff Said. The remix is thrown in as a bonus…

What? No! Remix…

The Godfather - Wrath of Caan

Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #84 - 28th May 2012Featured on HBO

The Godfather - widely regarded as one of the all-time great films, does not escape our notice. FFC proves in this scene what we all know - film-makers don’t know squat ‘bout throwin’ down. Word.

Rosie O’Donnell - Riding the Bus With My Sister

Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #82 - May 13th 2012Exquisite ActingFeatured on HBO

Rosie O’Donnell tries to do the McDonalds Fry-Girl.
I just… yeah. Sometimes, there’s just nothing we can add to make these things better. This clip even includes extra Rosie-goodness. Personally, I can’t tell the difference between her work in this film and… well, everything else she’s ever done.

Spock On Bilbo Baggins (Not Porn/Fan-Fic)

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #79 - April 15th 2012Featured on HBO

Space… the final frontier… is where this clip belongs. Leonard Nimoy, or Spock to Star Trek folks, shows his money grabbing whorish side by inexplicably singing the Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

While super-geeks everywhere aggressively skeet while pondering a Lord of the Rings/Star Trek crossover, you can watch this video which, despite not being from a movie, seems to sum up what Shit That Should Not Be is all about.

Tim Robbins - Howard the Duck

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #79 - April 15th 2012Exquisite ActingFeatured on HBO

Submitted by MikeB - follow him on Twitter! Also, apologies to MikeB for somehow not putting up the Episode #79 stuff sooner. I’ve been seeing Avengers. ALOT.

In the greatest Sci-Fi movie of all time, Tim Robbins showcases his range, his depth of emotion, and his duck-like vocal abilities.

Seriously, how does no one say “Oh, that was GREAT Time, really… but do you think we can get one more that isn’t balls?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #80 - April 29th 2012Featured on HBOExquisite Acting

So, we all know Arnold likes to kill chicks, right? I mean, we don’t talk about it, but… come on! He’s the Terminator. And he was Governor. AND, he married a Kennedy. Do the Math.

Anyhoo, the name of this film doesn’t matter- what’s important is that this clipincludes Arnie’s 3 favourite things. Bodybuilding, Killing chicks, and amazing Austrian acting chops.

"IH DOHN LIHKE EHT! ARRGH!!!". Standing O.

Fitness Express - Arrgh Ih Hahte Faht Kihdz!

Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #80 - April 29th 2012Featured on HBO

Arnold Schwarzenegger. On a Bike. Yelling at children not to be fat, lazy slobs. It’s like ambush Journalism… only way creepier… and Government approved.

Still, it’s pretty funny.

Jeremy Irons - Dungeons & Dragons

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #78 - April 8th 2012Exquisite ActingFeatured on HBO

Jeremy Irons is a brilliant actor. He was the bad guy in Die Hard: With A Vengeance for crying out loud.

So why he was in this movie defies logic. Why he bothered trying at all is befuddling. Why he tried so HARD is… well, pretty damn funny if you think about it. Go on. Think about it. We’ll wait.

Kinect Star Wars - Bend Over, Childhood…

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #78 - April 8th 2012Featured on HBO

I just… I mean, what the f… I can’t… God damn it.

War of the Worlds - Cruise Power Fist! Activate!

As Featured on Hollywood Babble-On #76 - April 1st 2012Featured on HBO

Tom Cruise can’t throw a Baseball. He’s also into Scientology. And is probably gay.

Anyhoo, have a closer look. There’s nothing in his hand when he throws the ball. Or maybe we just don’t have enough Thetans to perceive it…?